Fat Chance Bicycles

Branding, graphic design, hand lettering.

The Chris Cross

Fat Chance is one of the most recognized names in cycling. Founder, Chris Chance started Fat back in 1977! Chris built everything from road, to tandem, and even mountain bikes - which is where things really got interesting! Chris' made exquisite mountain bikes, and their popularity, and his brand grew throughout the 1980's. Fast forward a few decades and Fat is still keeping things exciting with there take on what a Cyclocross should be. 

If you can't tell by now, I'm a big Fat fan. Which is why I was thrilled to design Fat Chance's Cyclocross bike, The Chris Cross. Fat wanted color offerings and hand drawn designs reminiscent of the off-the-wall imagery they've become known for. Drawing inspiration from their extensive collection of imagery I created type, logos, and graphics that are at home in Fat Chance's offerings and while continuing to set the brand apart. I'm beyond excited with how the bike came out. If you'd like to see more give Fat a visit! 

Photo by Qumuuqin Maxwell and Cycle Exif